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The Tuesday Club meets every Tuesday morning from 10 – 11.30a.m in the Village Hall, unless an outing has been arranged. It is open to any ladies who live in the Village, various activities take place, such as demonstrations, quizzes, etc., or we just sit and chat over coffee and biscuits. We make a small charge to cover coffee and rent of the Hall. For further details please contact Mavis Palmer (730901) or Keri Holman (730326).
**Tuesday Club has just restarted following an enforced break due to the restrictions in place. A copy of their program will be available here as soon as it is published.**


Unique and incredibly relaxed classes.

Enjoy a relaxing time forming a strong bond of love and trust with your baby, learning massage strokes and routines that can benefit baby in so many ways.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Help with Colic and constipation
  • Improving sleep
  • Stimulating babies neurological development
  • Helping to improve babies health and general wellbeing

Not only a wonderfully beneficial class for baby but a perfect way for you to meet other parents, share your experiences and learn to understand your babies body language and cues.

For babies from 4/5 weeks up to crawling.

Weekly group sessions will run from the beautifully presented Shotteswell Village Hall, equipped with baby change station, weighing scales, baby massage mats, massage oil and towels, delicious cakes and biscuits, hot drinks and more.

Our Baby Massage sessions will include gentle rhymes, music and more to give it that extra special touch! Once our massage is complete baby will be able to explore their own sensory bucket whilst you enjoy some delicious refreshments.

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Monday mornings from 9:30am.

Moo Music is brilliant fun for children age 0-7! We use props, games, actions and roleplay to bring our own brilliant fun, professionally written songs to life. For babies, our sessions aid brain development, motor skills and social skills in a fun, multi-sensory experience. For toddlers our sessions help build confidence and continue with development of motor skills, memory, coordination and also teamwork. For older children our sessions build on their confidence, knowledge and teamwork in a fun, interactive way.

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