Hall Update – January 2021

With the announcement of further restrictions from Government we thought we would take the opportunity to update everyone on activities in the hall.

We have, unfortunately, had to close the hall again to all external bookings. Unlike the first national lockdown this time there are certain exemptions in which we will be able to make the hall available for use.

The committee have spent a considerable amount of time studying the guidance and seeking advice on our usual monthly breakfast event. Following the success of the Warm hub launch in December we are able to continue the event in the same format as December. More information accompanies this flyer.

Birthday Club

Our Birthday Club was recreated approximately four years ago and has grown steadily in this time.

For £5 on the date of your birthday, anniversary or just special day, the flag will be flown at the hall and your name displayed on the black board outside the hall. On the morning of your big day, you will also receive a card and small gift from the hall. Email

or again, contact a member of the committee if you have a date in mind.

100 Club

Our 100 Club has now been running for several months and is well supported but there is always space for new participants. Members buy numbered tickets which go into a regular monthly draw. When the draw is made a percentage of the profit is given as three prizes each month, the remainder goes to a good cause in this case the village hall.

Each number costs £5 per month with 50% of the income going towards three prizes each month. The more numbers sold the higher the prize.

The draw takes place in public at the monthly breakfast and details of each draw are published on our website.

If you would like to take part, please email


Masks continue to be available with all donations going to St Laurence Church. These will be available at the breakfast on Sunday 17th January.