100 Club

Shotteswell Village Hall operate the 100 Club with the opportunity to win cash prizes every month while helping raise much needed funds for the running and maintenance of the village hall.


1st Prize: Mrs J Burgess (74) – £42.50
2nd Prize: Donated to Village Hall by prize winner.
3rd Prize: Mr & Mrs Nell (99) – £17.00


1st Prize: Mr & Mrs Ingerson (68) – £42.50

2nd Prize: Rev & Mrs Pym (5) – 25.50

3rd Prize: Mr Sadler (54) – £17.00


1st Prize: Rev & Mrs Pym (5) – £42.50

2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Ingerson (68) – £25.50

3rd Prize: Mr & Mrs Holman  (11) – £17.00



1st Prize: Mrs P Upton (23) – £42.50

2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Roughley (34) – £25.50

3rd Prize: Mrs Page (13) – £17.00


Drawn by: Mrs P Upton.
Witnessed By: C Jeffrey & B Zammett.
1st Prize – Ms N Stephens – £51.25 2nd Prize – Mrs C Zammett – £30.75 3rd Prize – Mrs K Holman – £20.50


Drawn by: Mr K Slater
Witnessed By: C Jeffrey & B Zammett.
1st Prize – Mrs J Burgess – £53.75 2nd Prize – Donated to village hall by winner – £32.25 3rd Prize – Donated to village hall by winner – £21.50


Drawn by: Mr L Allen
Witnessed By: B Zammett & C Jeffrey
1st Prize – Mr R Adkins – £53.75 2nd Prize – Mrs C Jeffrey – £32.25 3rd Prize – Mr & Mrs Palmer – £21.50


Drawn by: PC Morgan (Warwickshire Police)
1st Prize –  Mr & Mrs A Reilly 2nd Prize – Donated to Village Hall by prize winner. 3rd Prize – Donated to Village Hall by prize winner.


Drawn by: Martha Pearson.
Witnessed by: C Jeffrey & B Zammett.
1st Prize: Mr G Boulton – £53.75 2nd Prize: Mrs L Clark – £32.25 3rd Prize: Mr & Mrs Ingerson – £21.50


Drawn by: Mrs D Ball
Witnessed by: B Zammett & A Omer.
1st Prize: Mr & Mrs Clark – £53.75 2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Pearson – £32.25 3rd Prize: Mr M Ball – £21.50


Drawn by: Mr S Brooks
Witnessed by: Mrs A Omer & Mr G Nell
1st Prize: Mr & Mrs Brener (93) – £32.50 2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Roughley (34) – £19.00 3rd Prize: Mrs B Page (13) – £13.00


Drawn by: Ms K Jones
Witnessed by: B Zammett & C Jeffrey
1st Prize: Donated to Village Hall by prize winner 2nd Prize: Donated to Village Hall by prize winner 3rd Prize: Mrs B Page (13) £16.00


Drawn by: Martha Pearson
Witnessed by: C Jeffrey & B Zammett 1st Prize: Mr P Zammett (72) £41.25 2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Palmer (38)  £24.75 3rd Prize: Mrs C Jeffrey (21) £16.75


Drawn by: Cllr Mills
Witnessed by: B Zammett & G Nell
1st Prize: Mrs B Page (13) £41.25 2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Brener (93) £24.75 3rd Prize: Donated to Village Hall funds by prize winner


Drawn by: Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Crew Witnessed by: C Jeffrey & B Zammett 1st Prize: Mrs J Ablett (32) – £42.50 2nd Prize: Mr & Mrs Nell  (99) – £25.50 3rd Prize: Mrs J Burgess (74) – £17.00


1st prize – Mr & Mrs Pearson – £46.25 2nd Prize – Mr & Mrs Ingerson – £27.75 3rd Prize – Mr & Mrs Reilly – £18.50


1st prize – Mrs B Page – £50.00 2nd prize – Ms N Stephens – £30.00 3rd prize – Mrs C Jeffrey – £20.00


1st prize – Mrs C Jeffrey – £50.00 2nd prize – Mrs J Burgess – £30.00 3rd prize – Mr & Mrs Ingerson – £20.00


1st prize – Mrs P Upton – £51.25 2nd prize – Ms M Jeffrey – £30.75 3rd prize – Mr & Mrs Palmer – £20.50


1st prize – Mr and Mrs Roughley – £51.25 2nd prize – Mr & Mrs D Clark – £30.75 3rd Prize – Mrs Tuvey – £20.50


1st prize – Mr D Sadler – £51.25 2nd Prize – Mrs C Zammett – £30.75 3rd Prize – Mr & Mrs D Holman – £20.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Every month members have the chance of winning a cash prize by taking out a subscription of £5 per month.  Each month, 50% of the total monthly subscriptions are distributed as prize money and 50% goes to Shotteswell Village Hall.

The object of the Shotteswell Village Hall 100 Club is to raise funds to maintain and develop facilities for the village hall as a resource for the community.

The Shotteswell Village Hall 100 Club is a private lottery which is open to all residents, aged 16 or over, from Shotteswell and the surrounding area, their family and friends.

The 100 club is overseen by the trustees of Shotteswell Village Hall. The promoter is the chair of the Village Hall Committee and the treasurer is the treasurer of the Village Hall Committee.

The 100 Club is a Small Society Lottery under the Gambling Act 2005 and is registered as such with Stratford-On-Avon District Council, Registration Number: GA05 SDC 660329. Shotteswell Village Hall is a registered charity, registered with the Charity Commission under number: 502948

The lottery draw takes place each month.  Each draw is conducted in the presence of three or more persons including at least one Village Hall Trustee and one independent member of the public. Winning numbers will be drawn at random from those numbers eligible to enter the draw that month. Every reasonable endeavour will be made to contact winners.  If a prize has not been claimed after 6 months, the unclaimed prize will be donated to Village Hall funds.

Complete an application form, which includes all relevant information, and return it to the promoters. An annual ticket will cost £60 (equivalent to £5 per month) and will be entered into the monthly draw. The fee for each number will be paid annually or half-yearly in advance and is not refundable. Each number is deemed to have been reserved for one year from the first draw it is entered in and they are not transferable.

The member must have paid their fee for each monthly draw to be able to participate. Payment can be made in cash, by standing order or by cheque (made payable to Shotteswell Village Hall). Individuals can join at any time during the year by paying the remaining annual fee. There is no limit to the number of tickets bought and the more numbers you have, the higher your chance of winning.

There are three cash prizes every month. Each month, half of all money raised by the lottery becomes the prize money. This is apportioned as follows: 1st prize: 50%, 2nd prize: 30%, 3rd prize: 20%. For example, if 100 members each bought a single £5 entry, half of the £500 income would generate prizes of £125, £75 and £50.

The bank account, to which all receipts are credited and from which all prizes are paid, is managed by the treasurer. As required by law, a full summary of all payments and receipts is submitted annually to Stratford-On-Avon District Council. Half of all entry money received is paid out as cash prizes. All profits are applied for the purposes of Shotteswell Village Hall.

Prize winners receive their prize money by BACS transfer or cheque. A list of current and past prize winners will be published on this page.