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Bleed Control Kit

Bleed control kit 2

The Village Hall Committee have recently been working closely with The Daniel Baird Foundation and Turtle Engineering and have taken the decision to invest in a Bleed Control Kit which has now been installed, sited next to the defibrillator at the Village Hall.

There are many ways for a catastrophic bleed to occur, including from an accident at work or a DIY injury. We believe that having a publicly accessible bleed control pack in the village is important to provide the necessary first aid to reduce blood loss until professional medical help arrives. For the cost of a kit, a life could be saved and a family spared lifelong grief knowing that they could perhaps have survived.

In the event of an emergency always call 999 first, if appropriate you will be given the access code and directed to collect the kit by the ambulance service.  

We will be arranging some training sessions in due course. However, the manufacturers of the Bleed Control Kit have created a training video to ensure correct usage. This can be viewed here.


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